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At present, the Association is made up of five fleets.  The Southern California Fleet includes member boats from Santa Barbara to San Diego.  The Northern California Fleet covers San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The Pacific Northern Fleet encompasses the waters of the Columbia River, Puget Sound, and British Columbia.  The Alaska Fleet is located in Juneau, and the growing USA Fleet includes members from any non-west coast state.

The original group of thirteen charter members now number over 300 and continue to grow.  More than 600 classics have been registered by the Association since 1969. Significant historical records have been preserved on vessels in the Association's archives, and in one instance, an entire yard's records have been preserved in a local museum, available for research and copies of plans.

Most of the classic boats were built in the twenties and thirties.  The oldest member yatch was built in 1906.  Many of the boats are in the range of thirty to fifty feet, although there are a number under twenty feet.and the largest is 131 feet long.